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We believe travel is one of the most transformative aspects of life. The world is full of beautiful sights to behold, caring humans, and opportunities to learn from one another. Travel connects people of different cultures, allowing us to share beliefs, traditions, and dreams. Experiencing the world broadens our minds, increases social awareness, and helps us look beyond ourselves, finding a home in humanity wherever our feet land.

Our travel planning services are focused on three things:

  1. Our responsibility to the environment and local communities
  2. Integrating learning opportunities into each trip
  3. Matching travelers with volunteer opportunities that support locally-driven initiatives

While we are fully capable of booking your trips for you, we have found that the inherent need for flexibility in travel is best served when we leave that in your hands. Instead, we work with you to craft a Mindful Itinerary that helps you get more out of your travel. You will finish your trip enriched, enlivened, and motivated to continue doing good in the world.

Most of all, you will learn what it means to travel with purpose.

Don’t forget, when you opt to plan your travel with us, your next trip will immediately gain purpose. 10% of our service fees are donated to a charity who is making the world a better place.

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Travel Chat

  • Mindful & Responsible Travel
  • Worldschooling
  • Volunteer Service

What we do:

In this brief 25-minute discussion, I will help you get your travel planning started. This option is a budget-friendly general conversation where I will share expert insights, field questions, and advise you on your next step.

What you get:

  • Travel advice
  • Volunteer advice
  • General tips & tricks
  • A sounding board

Your NExT steps:

  • Fill out the Contact Form and title it “Travel Chat” (Be Specific).
  • Respond to my follow up email with your preferred time.
  • Make your payment via PayPal so we can confirm your appointment.

Special Details

Travel Chat appointments cost a flat $30 fee. We can talk via phone, Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime based on your preference.